From Zambia to Data Science: Chifula's Journey

We are happy to welcome Chifula Nambela from Zambia as an IT intern to the bob Finance family. She is a fourth-year student at the University of Lusaka in Zambia, specializing in information systems and technology, with aspirations to delve into Data Science. It is her first time in Switzerland, and she is overwhelmed by the impressions. In our short interview, she talks about her IT tasks, her personal goals and the biggest differences between Zambia and Switzerland.

How does it feel to be in Switzerland for the first time?

It’s quite exciting to be in Switzerland for the first time. The organization and beauty of the structures is also overwhelming. I’ve had the opportunity to visit different places and try new foods, these have been great experiences.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on refining an ETL pipeline for bulk loading data in different database systems. I’m currently working on understanding differences and best practices for bulk loading bob finance’s voluminous data and most efficient ways and best methods to make the process seamless using Python SQL and Docker containers.

What are your expectations for this internship?

I expect that I will become more competent with my data analysis skills and soft computer skills and go back to Zambia as a pro Analyst. I also expect that I’ll gain more insights on how to handle real world analysis scenarios and use these skills to complete my fourth-year project and bring further my career journey.

"Swiss people have quite a few coffee breaks during their workday." – Chifula Nambela

Are there any cultural differences or similarities that have stood out to you?

The work ethic and organisational skills that the people have, in which they are able to assign proper time for different tasks during the day. I think these organisational skills allow the employees not to be so overwhelmed by work. Also a difference is the speed and efficiency with which everyone handles a task and the friendly nature of individuals at the office.

Have you observed any specific Swiss habits in the office that were surprising to you?

Yes! One thing that I found quite different from Zambian office culture was the love for coffee: most Swiss people have quite a few coffee breaks during their workday!

Have you tried any typical Swiss dishes that you particularly enjoyed?

I have tried a few like fondue, but the one I particularly enjoyed was the Rösti, I found it very pleasant to eat.


What can you recommend from Zambia?

Zambia is a country with a lot of cultural richness: in its ceremonies (see picture) and landscapes, and the people in Zambia have a friendly and curious nature. I would recommend to Europeans to pay a visit to Zambia at the end of the raining season (March or April) to witness its festivities, where several of Zambian dishes are served. The people have a strong love for their country as well.

What are your plans for the future?

For the near future, I plan to enjoy the full Swiss experience: visit many places and make lasting networks. In the long-term, I plan to obtain my bachelor’s degree and master’s. I hope to achieve sufficient skills to start ICT skills training for young individuals in Zambia. Thanks to the data analysis skills I acquired at bob Finance I plan to focus on analyzing the best methods to improve education and skills training in Zambia and hopefully in more African countries.


As a proud partner of B360 Education Partnerships, bob Finance extends a warm welcome to exchange students from Africa. We believe in encouraging intercultural exchange, and we recognize the invaluable perspectives and contributions that students from Africa bring to our community.