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bob management team

We are a motivated, dynamic team that serves our customers with reliable financial knowledge, transparent communication and digital innovation.


Tim Ackermann

Tim Ackermann took over the management of bob Finance on February 1, 2024. He was previously Chief Operations & Risk Officer at bob Finance for many years, where he played a key role in building up the private credit business since its foundation in 2015. Before joining bob Finance, Tim Ackermann was a member of the Executive Board of CRIF and Head of Risk Management at Bank-now (Credit Suisse). His solid education includes a degree in economics from the University of Zurich. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)


Besnik Arifi

Besnik had the opportunity to take on leadership roles at a young age. Before joining bob, he worked in the telecommunications and credit card industries. At UPC he led various teams in the areas of quality assurance, order picking and reporting. At CCC, a service center operator for customer and credit cards, he was responsible for various departments in the areas of customer service and issuing. Besnik has been with the company since the start of bob Finance and was appointed to the executive team in 2017.