Questions about bob pay

General about bob pay

bob pay is a payment solution which enables customers to shop online and pay offline at one of Valora's 1200 or so retail outlets (k kiosk, avec, Press&Book) in cash or by any other means of payment. As a retailer, you can generate additional turnover and reach new customer groups. This is because bob pay is used by customers who do not have a credit card, do not wish to use their credit card online or do not have sufficient creditworthiness to make a purchase on account. In addition, the risk of fraud for you as a merchant is reduced because you only deliver the goods after payment has been made.

If your customer chooses bob pay when checking out in the online shop, he or she will immediately receive a QR code by e-mail or SMS. They present this code at a Valora retail outlet, where it is scanned by sales staff. Your customer can then pay the amount displayed at the checkout in cash or by any other means of payment. As soon as payment has been made, you as the retailer will receive an electronic payment confirmation, enabling you to dispatch the goods to your customer. For the retailer, payment by QR code is a risk-free advance payment of a goods or ticket reservation.

This method of payment by QR code is both secure and discreet, as bob only has the transaction data (date, merchant, purchase amount) and no personal customer data.

Mode of operation

A QR Code is a two-dimensional version of the barcode. Today, the QR Code has arrived in online commerce through the widespread use of smartphones. "QR" stands for "quick response" and refers to the immediate access to the information stored in the code. QR Codes can be easily transferred and read with a smartphone.

Customers who have no other option than to pay cash for their online purchases, e.g. because they do not have a credit or other payment card or are not eligible for purchase on account.

bob pay is primarily aimed at online shops and enables their customers to shop online and pay offline. Companies can also print the bob pay QR code on their customer invoices, which they send to their customers by post or e-mail. This gives customers an alternative payment option and allows them to pay their bill at the kiosk.

With the bob pay QR code, your customers can pay at all Valora retail outlets (k kiosk, avec, Presse&Buch). Your customers can pay for their online purchases in cash or by any other accepted means of payment, including Mastercard, Visa, Maestro etc.

As a dealer you do not bear any risk. On the contrary, bob pay helps you minimise fraud and downtime costs. Thanks to real-time payment confirmation from bob, you only ship the goods purchased by the customer once you have received confirmation of payment from bob.

Yes, as soon as the customer has paid at a Valora retail outlet, you as the retailer will immediately receive a payment confirmation so that the goods can be dispatched as quickly as possible

Yes, the customer will receive a receipt for payment at the Valora retail outlet. The receipt is also the acknowledgement of payment.

If your customer does not pay, you should not ship the goods and thus reduce your risk of fraud and loss. There are also no costs for you as long as the customer does not pay. The QR code can be used for payment within a maximum validity period set by you as the merchant, after which the QR code expires and you can cancel the sales transaction (reservation).

Immediately after the customer has paid in the sales outlet, you will receive the payment confirmation within seconds. The desired time interval and the type of data transmission can be agreed upon together.

The customer must process the reversal exclusively directly through you, the dealer. If he has already paid with bob pay at this point in time, you decide in which form the refund has to be made. Refunds via a Valora retail outlet are excluded.

Your B2B consultant team is at your disposal under e-mail or under +41 44 914 12 14.


Usually between 2% and 4%. The merchant commission depends on the transaction volume and other individual conditions of the partnership. As a merchant, you are free to pass on these costs to your customers in whole or in part.

bob transfers to its partners the amounts received less commission within a week. Shorter payment periods require individual agreement.