General terms and conditions

bob pay

General Terms and Conditions (GTCs) for bob pay

1. General Information

1.1 Please read these General Terms and Conditions carefully as you are obliged to use bob pay in accordance with these terms and conditions. Your contractual relationship with us is subject to these General Terms and Conditions. By using bob pay, you declare that you agree to these GTCs. All amendments to these GTCs will be published on the internet site prior to their entry into force.

1.2 The bob pay payment method is provided as a service by bob Finance, branch of Valora Schweiz AG (bob), Hardturmstrasse 161 in 8005 Zurich, Switzerland, in collaboration with its parent company, Valora Schweiz AG (Valora), Hofackerstrasse 40 in 4132 Muttenz, Switzerland, where Valora acts as a subcontractor of bob and for this purpose specifically makes available the processing of bob pay via the network of Swiss retail outlets (Valora Points of Sale).

1.3 The Valora Points of Sale will provide you with a copy of these GTCs prior to use of bob pay upon request. You can also download these GTCs from the website at any time.

1.4 bob pay is offered to you by the sales partners (online dealers, service providers, and other organizations) of bob (Sales Partners) as a payment method for the purchase of goods and services in online and brick-and-mortar retail.

2. Fees

2.1 Any transaction fee required for using this service will be displayed to you in conjunction with selecting it from the payment options available. The Sales Partners make the decision on the amount of any transaction fee.

2.2 No additional fee is charged by bob or Valora for the payment transaction at the Valora Point of Sale.

3. bob pay Sales Partners

3.1 bob has a contractual relationship with dealers and organizations who offer the bob pay payment method as Sales Partners of bob. The maximum possible payment amount for a transaction using bob pay is set according to the requirements of the Sales Partner, which specifies the maximum amount in Swiss francs.

3.2 At these Sales Partners, you can select bob pay as the payment method and will receive a receipt with a QR code for the completed purchase of the goods or the reservation of the service, either digitally or printable on paper.

3.3 This QR code must be used only once for payment and exclusively at a Valora Point of Sale.

3.4 Use of the bob pay QR code is time-limited according to the requirements of the Sales Partner, which will communicate this redemption period to you in a suitable form at the time of purchase.

3.5 The amounts collected at a Valora Point of Sale will be displayed to the Sales Partner immediately as “paid” and credited to the Sales Partner by bob.

3.6 Thereafter, the Sales Partner can immediately send the ordered goods and/or provide the service or confirm it.

4. Use of bob pay

4.1 When you have selected bob pay as the payment method at a Sales Partner, you must use the bob pay QR code to make payment for the goods and services of this Sales Partner.

4.2 You must display the valid and legible QR code to the staff at the Valora Point of Sale, either digitally or on paper.

4.3 The Valora Point of Sale will accept your cash to settle the bob pay transaction.

4.4 When the QR code is scanned by the Valora Point of Sale staff, the amount due is displayed, which you must pay in full to make it possible to complete the payment transaction. You therefore irrevocably authorize us to complete this transaction and to transfer your incoming payment to the Sales Partner.

4.5 bob pay is only settled in Swiss francs (CHF).

4.6 Partial payments are not possible for the goods and services you have acquired.

4.7 After successful payment of your bob pay transaction, you will receive a receipt from the Valora Point of Sale.

5. Disputes with dealers

5.1 Disputes relating to purchase transactions that you have paid using bob pay must be settled by you directly with the individual Sales Partner. bob and/or Valora are not responsible for the quality, safety, legality, or any other aspect of the products or services paid for using bob pay.

5.2 Please note that as soon as you have used bob pay for a purchase transaction, we can no longer stop the relevant transaction and the payment process, nor are we able to reverse it.

6. Liability

6.1 bob is only liable to you for damages that arose by wrongful intent or gross negligence due to our own behaviour or due to any behaviour attributable to us. We are not liable for either consequential damages, lost profit, and data losses, or for damages resulting from use of our services in breach of law or contract.

6.2 bob assumes no liability or warranty whatsoever for the services or goods paid for using bob pay.

6.3 bob assumes no warranty for the continual availability of the bob pay system or for access to the Valora Points of Sale (see opening times on the relevant company websites). We are authorized to temporarily interrupt the bob pay system for maintenance purposes.

6.4 bob assumes no liability if providing our service becomes impossible temporarily due to force majeure. Force majeure is specifically deemed to include natural phenomena of particular intensity (avalanches, floods, etc.), acts of war, terrorism, strikes, unforeseen government restrictions, power outages, virus attacks, etc.

6.5 You are liable for all damages that occurred due to behaviour on your part in breach of contract.

7. Data Protection

Your personal information is known only to your seller, i.e., our Sales Partner. That is, the processing of your bob pay transaction occurs anonymously. When using bob pay, personal information is not collected from you by either bob or a Valora Point of Sale. Please also note our general data protection guidelines at .

8. Transfer of the contractual relationship

We are authorised to transfer rights and obligations arising from the contract with you and from these GTCs to another company at any time and without your consent, whereby we will notify you thereof in advance on the website.

9. Severability clause

Should individual points in these GTCs or any subsequent amendment or supplement be or become ineffective, invalid, or unenforceable, this shall not affect the effectiveness, validity, and enforceability of all other provisions of these GTCs.

10. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by the Swiss law of obligations. The venue is Zurich.

Version August 2020