bob invoice:

buying on account

Fewer shopping cart cancellations, but more sales through bob invoice?

Buy now and pay later - "Purchase on account" is one of the most popular payment methods ever. With bob invoice, we offer you a product that provides you with a simple and reliable solution for your online store.

Valuable advantages for you

  • Fewer shopping cart abandonments thanks to payment solution

  • Higher liquidity thanks to fast bank transfer

  • Credit worthiness check in real-time

  • Flexible design for risk assumption

This is how bob invoice works

Your costumers pay in a few steps:

  1. Your customers shop as usual in your online store and go to the checkout.
  2. When choosing the payment method "purchase on account", a credit check takes place.
  3. If the check is positive, you can ship the goods directly while we take care of the billing.

As a merchant, our check gives you the security of knowing that you will receive 100% of your money - and that you will not have to record any payment defaults.

Due to the great popularity of this payment method, the cancellation rate in the order process can be reduced. Your customers appreciate a trusted payment solution and choose for themselves whether they want to pay the invoice amount after 30 days or without additional costs in three installments within 90 days.