bob zero

0% financing for trading

0% financing for trading

Enable your customers to fulfil their wishes. With bob zero, they decide for themselves how long and at what rates they want to pay for the goods. There is no interest or fees for your customers - and your online shop increases sales.

The advantages for your online trade

  • Guaranteed creditworthiness

    bob checks the customer's ability to pay in advance

  • Increase sales

    A popular payment method, fewer cancellations and more turnover

  • Completely online

    Paperless digital processing

  • Happy customers

    Rapid and simple processing

This is how bob zero works

Improve the shopping experience of your customers

In just a few steps

During the ordering process in the online shop, customers select financing as a payment option in your web shop and specify the amount and the desired term. You then check the customer's creditworthiness online via bob Finance for the financing request. If the credit rating is positive, you deliver the goods and the customer pays for the purchase conveniently.

In the online shop

Increase your turnover

Integrate our 0% financing into your shop - you benefit several times over. As we check the creditworthiness of your customers, you can be sure that they are solvent and ready for further offers from you. You can thus increase your sales and record fewer abandoned purchases. Financing is a very popular method of payment - especially for high-priced products.

Advantages for your customers

  • No additional costs

    They pay neither interest nor fees.

  • Duration

    They choose a term of up to 48 months and arrange the instalments according to their financial possibilities.

  • Dreams

    They can fulfil long awaited wishes.

  • Quick

    We process the financing applications so that the goods are delivered promptly.