Questions about bob invoice

Questions about bob invoice

bob invoice is the product name of the payment method “purchase on account” which online shops can offer to those customers who wish to receive an invoice with a payment slip to settle their online purchases.

Purchase on account is the most popular payment method in Switzerland. The trader sends the goods in advance to the buyer, who then pays the outstanding debt within a certain period (payment deadline) by payment slip or online bank transfer.
Factoring is a technical term in sales financing in which the trader sells their receivables from the sale of goods to a financing institution, which usually also assumes the full risk of bad debt losses.

As a trader, you benefit from fewer shopping basket cancellations, new customer groups, more flexible risk assumption, and higher liquidity because you your receivables are paid out more quickly and securely.

We offer cooperation for partners with the legal status of AG and GmbH domiciled in Switzerland providing they have an impeccable credit rating. bob also assumes that you are a company with an impeccable reputation whose business conduct, products and services are in compliance with applicable law and our ethical standards at all times and without restriction.

As a partner, you pay a fixed transaction fee per invoice and commission as a percentage of sales revenue. The amount of the commission depends on your sales volume.

bob does not charge its customers any fees for electronically delivered invoices, but reminder fees may apply in the event of late payment. As a trader, you can optionally charge the customer a paper and/or online billing fee.

The consultants at Payrexx, our Payment Service Provider (PSP), will be happy to discuss with you how you can also display your trader logo on the bob invoice.

Payrexx is our cooperation partner and, as our payment service provider, offers bob invoice exclusively as a preferred payment method.

Payrexx will be happy to advise you by telephone or you can find information at www.payrexx.ch

A payment service provider (PSP) is a company that takes care of the integration of online payment methods in online shops. Examples of such payment methods are PayPal, Sofortüberweisung or credit card providers such as Mastercard and VISA.

Yes, during the check-out process bob collects the address and credit rating information from credit agencies (e.g. ZEK, IKO and CRIF) in real-time based on buyer data and decides whether a purchase on account is possible.

Invoicing by bob is always carried out electronically by e-mail. If the customer's e-mail address is invalid, bob can send the invoice by post and charge a fee.

Your customer can pay their invoice in a single payment or in three instalments within 90 days.

If your customer does not make a payment on time, bob will send a reminder to your customer according to the bob invoice General Terms and Conditions. The reminders will be sent to your customer by bob. Your customer has to pay the reminder costs according to the General Terms and Conditions.

Your customer must always process the return via you as the trader. You decide whether a monetary payment is to be made by your company or whether replacement goods are delivered. Your customer must always pay the invoice amount to bob.

Your customer must always process the return via you as the trader. You decide whether a monetary payment is to be made by your company or whether replacement goods are delivered. For this reason, only you as the trader can issue your customer a credit note.

The billed customer purchase on account is paid out to you periodically at one-week, two-week or monthly intervals, depending on the agreement.

Yes, as a partner you will receive a periodic payment advice.

As a trader, you do not bear any bad debt risk because bob assumes the entire risk in the event of a payment default.