«Buy Now, Pay Later» solutions as a Service

bob Finance BNPL

  • Flexible BNPL payment and financing solutions
  • Fast integration thanks to the BNPL payment platform
  • 100% transparent & digital customer experience
  • 100% financial control for your customers

«Buy Now, Pay Later» as a Service

Offer your customers flexible, fully integrated payment and financing solutions without long processing times.

With the BNPL payment platform, you can reduce processing times and offer individual payment solutions compliant with your existing regulatory requirements.

You can trust our customer-centred risk and financing management, which, by the way, is also fully automated and highly efficient.

Choose your custom payment options and offer your customers a 100% digital «Buy Now, Pay Later» experience, both during and after the payment process.

Your advantages as a payment provider

Flexible BNPL payment solutions tailored to your needs

Depending on your business strategy, we can provide you with white label or co-branding integration. We cater to your needs and allow you to integrate bob Finance BNPL into your existing payment processes. You are in control! Put together a bob Finance «Buy Now, Pay Later» plan that suits your needs and benefit from a fast connection via APIs. Keep all your options open.

Fast integration thanks to our BNPL payment platform as a service

Together we develop custom «Buy Now, Pay Later» payment methods based on the bob Finance BNPL payment platform that can be integrated into or linked to your system landscape. The BNPL payment platform combines the digital, scalable and API-adaptable modules you need, enabling efficient development and implementation.

100% transparent & digital customer experience

bob Finance «Buy Now, Pay Later» payment solutions accompany your customers during the entire purchase process: from the choice of payment method and invoicing to fully repaying the instalments. Open up flexible, secure, transparent and 100% digital payment options for your customers with «Buy Now, Pay Later» and increase your customers' purchasing power at the same time. bob Finance BNPL digitally accompanies customers through the onboarding and payment process and answers every question.

100% financial control for your customers

A BNPL dashboard gives your customers control over all transactions and a full overview of their current financial situation at all times. With flexible options such as adjusting, postponing or immediately settling existing payments, your customers can adapt to any financial changes and retain complete financial control.

Buy know-how

With bob Finance BNPL payment platform as a service your business can enjoy many benefits. Take advantage of our many years of expertise in the field of BNPL payment options and the assumption of any corresponding financing. You can also save on development costs thanks to the API integration into your system and process landscape. Our aim is to seamlessly merge BNPL payment options and payment processes to ensure the background financing. We always focus on the digital customer journey, which is what is largely responsible for success, as well as on a customer-based financial overview.

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