Mit bob klappt der Umzug bestimmt!

CHF 1 000
6 months

Monthly rate*

From 4,9%

Including insurance: 10.10

To 9,9%

Including insurance: 10.25

All figures in CHF

* We cannot determine the exact interest rate – and therefore the effective interest costs – until we receive your detailed information in the loan application

Welcome home:

Thanks to your loan.

Dream no longer of a new couch, trendy lamps or a new bed, but realise your dreams with a personal loan from bob Finance.

  • Affordable

    Profit from attractive interest rates (4.9% to 9.9%).

  • Flexible

    Choose loan amounts up to CHF 80,000 and instalment payments up to 120 months.

  • Digital

    Everything online and secure with e-signing and online ID verification.

  • Trans­pa­rent

    Enjoy high transparency and low fees and costs.

The furniture loan makes furnishing child's play

With bob credit you can turn your home into a designer flat. Whether you need new carpets, a couch, a cupboard or a new bed, bob helps.

Comfortable, uncomplicated and sustainable.

We focus on you and your wishes, because we know very well that sometimes you want to fulfil a little dream without having saved the money for it. That is why we support you in every situation in life.

bob helps in all situations

Best advice

Our consultants support you live in a support chat or by phone on our hotline.