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Documents required for your credit check

Any reputable bank will check an applicant’s credit score to ensure that it is making loans securely, regardless of whether the applicant is a private individual or a compa-ny. When you apply for credit for the first time, you might not be aware of the important role that your credit score plays in this. Find out here why it’s so important, and how a better credit score can boost your chances of a favourable interest rate.

Why banks check your credit score

A financial services provider is always faced with the risk that the borrower may not be able to repay their instalments. That’s why bob (just like every other bank) carries out a check before lending money to see how high the risk of default is. We look over your financial obligations, whether unpaid bills or ongoing credit, as part of the credit check. This score decides whether we will offer you credit at all, and under what con-ditions.

How you can improve your credit score

In general, you can’t do anything about your financial obligations and ongoing payments. That said, there are two key points you should bear in mind when applying for credit. First, your credit score is affected by the number of credit applications you have submitted to other banks. Even if you make these requests just for the sake of comparison, it unintentionally gives the impression that a large number of banks have turned you down.

Second, you should avoid accumulating credit unnecessarily: unpaid bills or numerous credit cards impact your credit score negatively. As a result, you should settle any outstanding irregular payment obligations before you apply for credit.

We can give you advice about your credit check

Are you interested in learning more about the importance of your credit score when looking for a loan? Then make the most of the personal advice offered by our friendly team at bob.

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