Payment protection insurance

On the safe side!

Because you never know what's coming

Life can suddenly change and present us with great challenges. At bob, we think you should be on the safe side. With our residual debt insurance!

Your loan installments are secured against involuntary unemployment and incapacity for work as well as complete involuntary incapacity for work - for a few cents a day!

That makes you and your family feel good.

Here you will find the general insurance conditions.

Your benefits

  • Protected

    Against involuntary unemployment, incapacity and disability for work

  • Low fees

    You are insured for a few cents a day

  • Easy to complete

    Simply select payment protection insurance when applying for a loan

FAQ Payment protection insurance

With payment protection insurance, you protect yourself against involuntary unemployment, incapacity for work and disability.

Here you find the AVB.

You can find detailed information on insurance coverage in the AVB.

The insurer is AXA Versicherungen AG, General-Guisan-Strasse 40, 8400 Winterthur.