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Three simple steps:

  • Payroll

    Simply send us your last three payslips

  • Loan amount

    Together with the desired loan amoun

  • Email

    By e-mail and we will tell you whether the increase is possible

Four fantastic benefits of increasing your credit with bob

Attractive conditions

With credit sums of up to CHF 80,000, there’s real scope for increasing your existing instalment credit. Thanks to fairly calculated rates, it's easy to boost your credit, even during the repayment phase – making it easier for you to pay it back.

Simple online processing

bob only issues loans via the internet: thanks to e-signing and online verification of your personal details, we can process everything swiftly and securely, from your loan application through to the payout. There’s no need to worry that you’ll end up stuck with long waiting periods and unnecessary formalities.

No hidden costs

You will receive an easily understandable offer that’s been calculated fairly. There’s no small print with us – and no hidden costs or fees, either. If you're looking for a credit increase or other loans, you can rely on absolute security with a trustworthy partner.

Flexible offers

Want to increase your credit by just a small amount – say, CHF 3,000? Looking for a term of between six and 120 months? As a flexible credit partner, bob offers an array of financing options that will fit both your preferences and your credit rating perfectly.

Questions and answers

No. You can receive a credit increase from any bank offering this service. Thanks to bob’s attractive lending conditions, it’s often best to refinance your existing loan and make the most of a better offer from us.

Yes. Your creditworthiness will be checked, as with every application, and will be impacted by your existing initial credit. bob will continue to offer you attractive conditions after the credit increase.

Get a bit more cash to spend on whatever you like

Sometimes you need a bit of new liquidity when you’re repaying a loan. Or you might be paying back the loan without problems, but need a little more cash for moving house or buying something you can't do without. A credit increase means a trustworthy loan offer that guarantees you new freedom.

As lenders, we know that you already need to pay back an existing loan when we make a decision on increasing your credit. This is a smooth process for most borrowers, meaning that they’ve got leeway to take out an additional loan. We check over this situation in detail and provide you with a fairly calculated offer.

Just use our credit calculator: enter your desired sum to quickly benefit from a credit increase of up to CHF 80,000. bob offers you great conditions and friendly service, and not just when you're increasing your credit!