Loan vs credit card

Which one is cheaper?

You often have the choice of taking out a loan or paying by credit card. Often the decision is made in favor of the small card. Because the payment seems more convenient. However, if you take a closer look, first impressions can be deceptive. The loan offers many advantages in comparison.

CHF 3 000
6 months

More security! Protect yourself against credit default risks now. Find out more.

Your monthly rate *

From 5,9%

Including insurance: 10.10

To 11,9%

Including insurance: 10.25

All figures in CHF

* The interest rate that applies to you depends on your creditworthiness as a borrower. We determine this together with the effective interest costs based on your detailed information in the loan application. After the creditworthiness check has been carried out, we will inform you of our loan offer by email.

The credit scores with the interest

The biggest advantage that a loan has over a credit card is the interest rate. At bob Finance you get loans with low interest rates. The legally permissible maximum for credit cards is 13%*, for loans it is 11%*.

In a calculation example you can see how much cheaper a loan is compared to a credit card:

You want to shop online for CHF 10,000 and pay the money back within one year. With a loan, you owe only CHF 590 in interest at best. You have to budget of CHF 1,300 as interest for the credit card. So you pay less than half the interest on the loan!

At bob Finance, you always see the annual percentage rate as interest costs, which guarantees transparency. The APR is what you actually have to pay. Banks often show you the nominal interest rate. This is the value that describes the donor's profit margin. Other possible fees are not visible - the actual costs are higher.

Four strong benefits for you with a bob credit

  • Digital borrowing

    The loan application and the loan decision is completely online. We trust in e-signing and video identification

  • Convienent interests

    We grant loans with low interest rates.

  • Transparency

    With us there are no hidden costs or unexpected special fees

  • Flexible amount

    You can freely choose your loan amount from CHF 3,000 to CHF 80,000. You tailor your loan to fit your personal needs and your monthly budget