Corporate Social Responsibility

We take responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) combines entrepreneurial activity with social commitment and environmentally friendly sustainability. Bob Finance is modern and responsible. That's why we have firmly integrated CSR into our corporate culture.

Corporate social responsibility is close to Bob Finance's heart. For example, we are involved in B360 education partnerships in Africa. We also attach great importance to our paperless, resource-saving products, which we market exclusively online.

bob Finance in Africa

Promoting knowledge in African countries

We are a partner in B360 educations partnerships and are committed to knowledge building in sub-Saharan Africa. Promoting knowledge in future-oriented industries is important for the local economic development. In the context of the project we employ the IT intern Kristine Lesheni Naikaku from Namibia since August 2019. Both sides benefit from this. She returns home with a backpack full of expertise, and we are enriched by many experiences of her culture.


Welcome to bob Finance Anthens

Last year, Covid-19 has made a dent in our bill. But this year, in cooperation with B360, we were able to win Anthens Liyali for a three-month internship at bob Finance. The Namibian bachelor of Informatics student specializing in business informatics will help us to implement a new ticket system for our IT, which will revolutionise our internal processes and be of great help to our employees.

You will find the full interview in English on our blog.

Paperless and sustainable for nature and environment

CSR goes even further for us. Our products are completely paperless. This saves resources and is sustainable. From the credit application to the decision, every step is exclusively digital. Furthermore, with our team events under the motto "We take care", we try to combine charitable activities with teambuilding measures. For example, we supported a local forest ranger during renaturation work in the forest. This is an exciting task that strengthens our group spirit enormously and we discover new commonalities in an extraordinary way.