A loan through bob Finance

what we need from you

Our credit checklist gives you an overview

Credit applications can be complicated. As a borrower, you are often unsure what to expect. Which preconditions are set. Which documents are required from you. And how the application process works. With a loan from bob Finance it is easier! At bob Finance we offer you a clear credit application. And with our checklists you are on the safe side.

What we need from you for a loan

Our checklists prepare you for the credit application in an uncomplicated way. In a first step, you check for yourself whether you meet our general requirements.

  • Swiss residence
  • Swiss bank account
  • Permanent, indefinite, non-terminated employment
  • Swiss or residence permit
  • You must be between 18 and 64 years old.
  • Copy of the last three pay slips
  • Copy of the identity card (e.g. ID, passport), legi or residence permit
  • Private e-mail address
  • Mobile number

On our support page you will find further information that we need from you to check your creditworthiness. This is mainly about your income and expenses.

Our service pages offer you a lot more information. For example, how you can increase your credit with a renewed check. Or that the loan amount will be paid out to you after a little more than 14 days, after conclusion of the loan agreement.

Apply for credit simply and easily now

CHF 3 000
6 months

More security! Protect yourself against credit default risks now. Find out more.

Your monthly rate *

From 5,9%

Including insurance: 10.10

To 11,9%

Including insurance: 10.25

All figures in CHF

* The interest rate that applies to you depends on your creditworthiness as a borrower. We determine this together with the effective interest costs based on your detailed information in the loan application. After the creditworthiness check has been carried out, we will inform you of our loan offer by email.

Benefit from transparency

These four points are important for the credit conditions and for the closing:

  • You apply for and conclude the credit agreement online - eSigning, online ID verification and a reliable credit decision make the procedure uncomplicated.
  • We keep interest and costs low.
  • Transparency counts - especially when it comes to costs.
  • We tailor your credit to your needs - between CHF 3,000 and CHF 80,000, with terms ranging from six months to 120 months.