Document checklist

Document checklist for your credit application

Apply for your loan and get to know our uncomplicated procedures. bob Finance is not a bank. It is a financial service provider that specializes in simple and easy-to-understand processes for its customers.

We need the following documents from you:

  • Copy of the last three payment slips
  • Copy of the identity card (e.g. ID, passport), legi or residence permit

We may also need the following documents:

  • Divorce decree
  • Verdict of separation
  • Insurance policy
  • Credit overview for alimony

If you want to include your husband or wife in the credit check, the same documents are also required from your partner. Please note that this does not refer to cohabiting partners or same-sex partners.

If you wish to redeem a loan, we need a copy of the current loan agreement.

Easier than a bank

bob offers you the time-saving and convenient option of submitting your credit application online. Checklists on our service and support pages will help you at any time. Likewise our friendly team. They will be happy to advise you via support chat or on the phone.

Apply for credit now

CHF 3 000
6 months

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Your monthly rate *

From 5,9%

Including insurance: 10.10

To 11,9%

Including insurance: 10.25

All figures in CHF

* The interest rate that applies to you depends on your creditworthiness as a borrower. We determine this together with the effective interest costs based on your detailed information in the loan application. After the creditworthiness check has been carried out, we will inform you of our loan offer by email.

Documents and credit are no problem on bob

Applying for a loan is quick and easy with bob Finance. Please read our service pages beforehand to find out what requirements you need to meet for a loan and what information we need from you.

On our credit page, you can use our calculator to determine the conditions for your credit yourself. Our offer is characterized by these features:

  1. You receive a reliable credit decision online with e-signing and online ID verification.
  2. We offer attractive interest rates and low costs.
  3. Transparent fees are a matter of course. There are no hidden costs or special charges.
  4. Your credit suits you: Amounts between CHF 3000 and CHF 80,000 with terms between six and 120 months.