The credit score from bob Finance

Score|Me – Find out your credit score online for free

The data you supply will be checked in collaboration with CRIF, Switzerland’s leading credit bureau. You will receive information about your credit score straight away.

Score|Me – completely secure

Security is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we only provide information about your credit score if you’ve uploaded a scan of your ID and verified your identity via mTAN. Similarly, the website works with cutting-edge security standards to prevent misuse.

Score|Me – suitable products

We have the perfect product to fit your personal credit score. The range we offer in collaboration with CRIF includes a certificate of your credit score so you can document it. Assistance from a team of advisers to help answer your questions or clear up any confusion is all part of the package. You can even register with CRIF’s database.

  • Complete your details and upload your ID

    We need your ID so we can confirm your personal identity. However, we need a few other pieces of information, too, because your ID does not give us all the details we require.

  • Confirm your mobile number

    Verify your identity using the mobile transaction authentication number sent to your mobile number.

  • Find out about your credit score

    When all your details have been recorded, it takes only a couple of seconds be-fore your credit score is revealed.

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